III. Risk Factors

IV. Exam

  1. See Hip Exam

V. Symptoms

  1. Early
    1. Subtle, Muscle Strain-like symptoms
  2. Next
    1. Morning stiffness
    2. Referred Knee Pain or Medial thigh pain
  3. Next
    1. Inability to bear weight with Exercise
  4. Next
    1. Gradually pain increases with walking

VI. Signs

  1. Antalgic Gait (painful limp)
  2. No external deformity
  3. Mild pain on passive and active range of motion

VII. Imaging

  1. Hip XRay
  2. MRI Hip
    1. Indicated if Hip XRay is non-diagnostic

IX. References

  1. Shahideh (2013) Crit Dec Emerg Med 27(9):10-18

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