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Ontology: Venous cannula insertion (C0398266)

Definition (PNDS) Establishes and maintains peripheral IV access to administer IV fluids, medications, and blood products per physician order.
Concepts Health Care Activity (T058)
ICD10 738
SnomedCT 392230005, 91575007, 151025006, 58983009, 151031009, 392231009
CPT 36011, 36012
Italian Cateterismo venoso
Dutch katheterisatie veneus, veneuze katheterisatie
French Cathétérisme veineux, Cathétérisation veineuse
German Katheterisierung, Vene, Katheterisierung venoes
English Venous cannula insertion, Venous catheter insertion, Venous cannulation, Needling, needl, vein catheterization, venous catheterization, intravenous cannulation, venous line insertion, needling, venous cannulation, venous catheter insertion, Catheterisation venous, Catheterization venous, Venous cannula insertion (procedure), Catheterization of vein, Vein catheter insertion, Venous line insertion, Intravenous cannulation, Venous catheterization, Venous catheterisation, Catheterisation of vein, Catheterization of vein (procedure), Establishes IV access, Insertion of catheter into vein, Intravenous cannulation (procedure), Introduction of catheter into vein, Catheterization of vein, NOS, Introduction of catheter into vein, NOS, Insertion of catheter into vein, NOS, Venous catheterization, NOS
Portuguese Cateterismo venoso, Cateterização venosa
Japanese 静脈カテーテル留置, ジョウミャクカテーテルリュウチ
Czech Zavedení žilního katéru, Zavedení žilního katétru
Hungarian Vénás katéterezés
Spanish introducción de un catéter en una vena, inserción de un catéter en una vena, cateterismo de una vena, cateterismo venoso, cateterismo de una vena (procedimiento), canulación intravenosa (procedimiento), canulación intravenosa, cateterismo de vena (procedimiento), cateterismo de vena, Cateterismo venoso