II. Pathophysiology

  1. Small infarct size (<1 cc)
  2. Small perforating arteries (Lenticulostriate arteries) arising at head of Middle Cerebral Artery
    1. Basal Ganglia
    2. Brainstem
    3. Internal Capsule

III. Causes

IV. Findings: Signs and Symptoms

  1. Pure motor or sensory deficits (lacunar syndrome)

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Ontology: Infarction, Lacunar (C0333559)

Definition (MSH) Brain infarction that affects small subcortical vessels due to occlusion of a penetrating artery deep in the brain. It may lead to lacunar stroke.
Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH D059409
SnomedCT 230698000, 81037000
Japanese ラクナ梗塞, ラクナコウソク
Spanish infarto lagunar, Infarto Lacunar, accidente cerebrovascular lacunar, infarto lacunar (trastorno), infarto lacunar, Infarto lacunar, infarto lagunar (anomalía morfológica), infarto lacunar (anomalía morfológica)
English lacunar infarction, lacunar infarction (diagnosis), infarcts lacunar, lacunar infarct, lacunar infarctions, infarction lacunar, Lacunar Infarctions, Infarction, Lacunar, Lacunar Infarction, Lacunar Infarcts, Infarct, Lacunar, Lacunar Infarct, INFARCT LACUNAR, Infarctions, Lacunar, Infarcts, Lacunar, LACI - Lacunar infarction, LI - Lacunar infarction, Lacunar infarct, Lacunar infarction, Lacunar infarct (morphologic abnormality), Lacunar infarction (disorder)
Czech Lakunární infarkty
Hungarian Lacunaris infarctus
French Infarctus lacunaire, Infarctus lacunaires
Portuguese Infarto Lacunar, Enfarte lacunar
Italian Infarto lacunare
German Hirninfarkt, lakunaerer, Hirninfarkt, lakunärer, Lakunaerinfarkt
Norwegian Lakunært infarkt, Lakunært hjerneinfarkt
Dutch lacunair infarct