II. Cause

  1. Head and Neck Trauma

III. Signs

  1. Hoarseness
  2. Subcutaneous Emphysema
  3. Laryngeal palpation with crepitation

IV. Precautions

  1. Airway compromise can develop quickly

V. Management: Complete airway obstruction or severe respiratory distress

  1. Intubation
    1. Video Laryngoscopy or
    2. Flexible endoscopic intubation
  2. Cricothyrotomy for failed intubation
  3. Emergent Surgical Consultation if unable to place airway

VI. Management: Airway stable for the time being

  1. Emergent CT Neck
  2. Surgical Consultation
  3. Monitor for worsening (intubate for changes)
    1. Agitation
    2. Altered Level of Consciousness
    3. Oxygen Saturation
    4. Cyanosis, retractions or Stridor
    5. Snoring or unable to speak

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Ontology: Fracture of larynx (C0238229)

Concepts Injury or Poisoning (T037)
SnomedCT 32497008, 269317004
English Fracture laryngeal structure, Fracture of larynx, larynx fracture, fracture of larynx, Fracture of larynx (diagnosis), fracture larynx, Fracture of laryngeal structure, Fracture of larynx (disorder), fracture; larynx, larynx; fracture, Fracture of larynx, NOS, #Larynx
Spanish fractura de la laringe, fractura de estructura laríngea (trastorno), fractura de una estructura laríngea (trastorno), fractura de una estructura laríngea, fractura de laringe, fractura de estructura laríngea, fractura laríngea
Dutch fractuur; larynx, larynx; fractuur