II. Epidemiology

  1. Incidence
    1. General population: 1.9%
    2. Psychiatric outpatients: 12%
  2. Pursuit of surgical correction in 50% of BDD patients

III. Risk Factors

  1. Not married
  2. Living with parents
  3. Female college student

IV. Associated Conditions

V. Signs

  1. Preoccupation with physical appearance
    1. Facial flaws are most common preoccupation
    2. Imagined defect or Slight defect
  2. Associated Compulsive Behaviors
    1. Mirror checking
    2. Excessive grooming
    3. Skin picking
  3. Disordered functioning
    1. Severe distress
    2. Impaired work or social functioning
    3. Suicidal Ideation or attempt

VI. Management

  1. Treating the physical "defect" does not resolve Body Dysmorphic Disorder
    1. Crerand (2005) Psychosomatics 46(6): 549-55 [PubMed]
  2. Pharmacotherapy is similar to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
    1. Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs)
      1. Requires high end of dosing range
    2. Clomipramine (Anafranil)

VII. Resources

  1. Claiborn (2002) The BDD Workbook, New Harbinger Publications
    1. Paid link to Amazon.com (ISBN 1572242930)
  2. Phillips (2005) The Broken Mirror, Oxford University Press
    1. Paid link to Amazon.com (ISBN 0195167198)

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Ontology: Body Dysmorphic Disorders (C0005887)

Definition (MSH) Preoccupations with appearance or self-image causing significant distress or impairment in important areas of functioning.
Definition (PSY) A preoccupation with a slight or imagined defect in appearance that causes significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other areas of functioning. Compare BODY IMAGE DISTURBANCES.
Concepts Mental or Behavioral Dysfunction (T048)
MSH D057215
ICD10 F45.22
SnomedCT 83482000, 313224008
DSM4 300.7
English BODY IMAGE DISORDER, DISTORTION PERSONAL, preoccupation with imagined physical defect (symptom), body dysmorphic disorder (diagnosis), preoccupation w/ imagined physical defect (dysmorphophobia), preoccupation with imagined physical defect, dysmorphophobia, body dysmorphic disorder, Body image disorder, Disorder body image, Distortion corporeal, Distortion personal, Dysmorphic Disorder, Body, Body Dysmorphic Disorders, Dysmorphic Disorders, Body, Disorder, Body Dysmorphic, Disorders, Body Dysmorphic, Dysmorphophobia (nondelusional), Body Dysmorphic Disorders [Disease/Finding], Body Image Disorder, Image Disorders, Body, Image Disfunctions, Body, Disorders, Body Image, Body Image Disfunction, Body Image Disfunctions, Image Disfunction, Body, Body Image Disorders, Disfunction, Body Image, Disfunctions, Body Image, body image disorder, body disorders image, body disorder dysmorphic, Body dysmorphic disorder, Nondelusional dysmorphophobia, Dysmorphophobia, Body dysmorphic disorder (disorder), Dysmorphophobia (disorder), body dysmorphic; disorder, disorder; body dysmorphic, Body Dysmorphic Disorder
Italian Disturbo da dismorfismo corporeo, Alterazione dell'immagine corporea, Distorsione corporea, Distorsione di personalità, Disturbo dell'immagine corporea, Dismorfofobia, Disturbi di dismorfismo corporeo
Dutch stoornis in het lichaamsbeeld, vertekening van het lichaam, vertekening van je eigen persoon, lichaamsbeleving; stoornis, stoornis; lichaamsbeleving, dysmorfofobie, lichaamsmisvormingsaandoening
French Perturbation de l'image corporelle, Distortion du soi, Trouble du schéma corporel, Distortion corporelle, DISTORSION DE LA PERSONNALITE, TROUBLE DU SCHEMA CORPOREL, TDC (Troubles Dysmorphiques du Corps), Troubles dysmorphiques corporels, Troubles dysmorphiques du schéma corporel, Dysmorphobie, Troubles dysmorphiques du corps, Troubles de l'image corporelle, Dysmorphophobies, Dysmorphophobie, Peur d'une dysmorphie corporelle
German Zerrbild koerperlich, Zerrbild persoenlich, Koerperbildstoerung, Stoerung des Koerperbilds, GEFUEHL DER KOERPERVERAENDERUNG, VERAENDERUNG PERSOENLICHKEIT, Dysmorphophobie, Koerperdysmorphe Stoerung, Körperdysmorphe Störung, Dismorphophobie, Missbildungsangst
Portuguese Distorção pessoal, Alteração da imagem corporal, Distorção corporal, Perturbação dismórfica corporal, ALTERACAO DA IMAGEM CORPORAL, DISTORSAO DA PERSONALIDADE, Transtornos Dismórficos Corporais, Dismofofobia, Perturbação dismórfica do corpo
Spanish Distorsión corporal, Trastorno de la imagen corporal, Distorsión personal, DISTORSION DE LA PERSONALIDAD, IMAGEN CORPORAL, TRASTORNO, Trastorno Dismórfico Corporal, dismorfofobia (trastorno), dismorfofobia, trastorno dismórfico corporal (trastorno), trastorno dismórfico corporal, Dismorfofobia, Trastorno dismórfico corporal
Japanese 身体醜形障害, 身体像のゆがみ, 身体像障害, 醜形恐怖症, シンタイゾウノユガミ, シンタイシュウケイショウガイ, シンタイゾウショウガイ, シュウケイキョウフショウ
Czech Porucha vnímání vlastního těla, Zkreslené vnímání vlastní osoby, Zkreslené vnímání tělesných pocitů, Dysmorfofobie, Dysmorfofobická porucha, tělesné dysmorfické poruchy, dysmorfofobie
Swedish Inbillade utseendedefekter
Polish Dysmorfofobia, Zaburzenia dysmorficzne
Hungarian Testvázlat zavar, Személyiség torzulás, Testvázlat-zavar, Testdysmorphiás zavar, Testkép torzulás, Dysmorphophobia
Norwegian Kroppsdysmorf lidelse, Kroppsbildeforstyrrelser, Kroppsdysmorfe forstyrrelser