III. Causes: Uncommon Fractures

  1. Hindfoot Fracture
    1. Calcaneus Fracture (high mechanism Fracture such as fall from height)
    2. Talus Fracture
  2. Midfoot Fracture
    1. CuneiformFracture (crush injury)
    2. Cuboid Fracture
      1. Crush injury from forced food abduction (nutcracker Fracture)
      2. Chip Fractures, on the other hand, are minor Fractures by comparison
  3. Forefoot Fracture
    1. Sesamoid Fracture

V. Management: Foot Fractures requiring urgent or emergent orthopedic Consultation

  1. Lisfranc Injury
  2. Tarsal Fractures (esp. displaced Fractures)
  3. Compartment Syndrome
    1. Seen especially with Calcaneal Fracture
    2. Lisfranc Injury
  4. Open Foot Fracture
  5. Neurovascular compromise

VI. References

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