II. Causes: Heel Pain by location

  1. Midfoot pain
    1. Lateral pain
      1. Peroneus longus or peroneus brevis Tendonitis (peoneal Tendinopathy)
      2. Sinus Tarsi Syndrome
    2. Medial pain
      1. Flexor digitorum or hallucis longus Tendonitis or Tendinopathy
      2. Tibialis posterior Tendonitis or Tendinopathy (at navicular or medial Cuneiform)
  2. Posterior plantar Foot Pain
    1. Plantar Fasciitis
    2. Plantar fascia rupture
    3. Heel pad dysfunction or Heel Pad Syndrome
      1. Heel pad atrophy: Elderly or obese patients
      2. Heel pad inflammation: Athletes
    4. Nerve Entrapment or other neurologic causes (Paresthesias or numbness)
      1. Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome
      2. Baxter Nerve Entrapment
      3. Calcaneal neuroma (rare)
    5. Bone cyst
    6. Calcaneal Osteomyelitis (from contiguous Cellulitis)
    7. Calcaneal Stress Fracture
    8. Ewing's Sarcoma of Calcaneus
  3. Posterior Heel Pain
    1. Achilles Tendonitis or Achilles Tendinopathy
    2. Retroachilles Bursitis (Pump-Bump)
    3. Retrocalcaneal Bursitis
    4. Haglund Deformity (pain at posterior-superior calcaneous)
    5. Severe Disease (Calcaneal Apophysitis in children)

III. Causes: Entrapment Neuropathy

  1. Lumbar back pain
    1. Lumbar Radiculopathy (L4-S2)
  2. Paresthesias of plantar surface, walking and at night
    1. Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome (posterior tibial nerve)
  3. Burning pain at heel pad
    1. Abductor digiti quinti nerve entrapment
  4. Medial and plantar Heel Pain
    1. Medial calcaneal branch of posterior tibial nerve (Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome)
    2. First branch of Lateral Plantar Nerve (Baxter Nerve Entrapment)
      1. Mimics refractory Plantar Fasciitis

V. Causes: Infectious Disease

VI. Causes: Skeletal Conditions

VII. Causes: Soft Tissue Conditions

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Ontology: Heel pain (C0231780)

Concepts Sign or Symptom (T184)
SnomedCT 203124006, 2733002
Dutch pijn in hiel
French Douleur dans le talon
German Schmerz in der Ferse
Italian Dolore al tallone
Portuguese Dor do calcanhar
Spanish Dolor en talón, dolor del talón, talalgia (hallazgo), talalgia
Japanese かかと痛, カカトツウ
Czech Bolest v patě
English Pain in heel, pain in heel, talalgia, Pain;heel, heel pain, Heel pain, Talalgia, Heel pain (finding)
Hungarian Fájdalom a sarokban