II. Epidemiology

  1. More common over age 35 years

III. Pathophysiology

  1. Degeneration of achilles tendon associated with aging
    1. Vascular compromise and microtrauma contributes
  2. Non-inflammatory diffuse achilles tendon thickening
    1. Fibrosis and calcification of achilles tendon

IV. Symptoms

  1. Often without symptoms

V. Signs

  1. Non-tender palpable Nodule or cord at achilles tendon

VI. Differential Diagnosis

VII. Management

  1. Same as for Achilles Tendonitis

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Ontology: Achilles degeneration (C0581316)

Concepts Pathologic Function (T046)
SnomedCT 203003003
English Achilles degeneration, Achilles degeneration (disorder)
Spanish degeneración del tendón de Aquiles (trastorno), degeneración del tendón de Aquiles