II. Epidemiology

  1. Age 20-30 year old women (typically with poor fitting footwear)

III. Pathophysiology

  1. Haglund Deformity is a prominent superior posterior Calcaneus
    1. Forms in response to repeated pressure from poor fitting shoes
  2. Results in swelling and inflammation at achilles tendon insertion
    1. Retrocalcaneal Bursitis arises

IV. Signs

  1. Erythema, swelling and tenderness over bursa

V. Management

  1. Decrease pressure at the achilles insertion
  2. Open-healed shoes
  3. NSAIDs
  4. Ultrasound guided Corticosteroid Injection (to avoid achilles tendon)
  5. Surgery may be needed in refractory cases

VI. Complications

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Ontology: Achilles bursitis (C0149846)

Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
ICD9 726.71
ICD10 M76.6
SnomedCT 221695002, 202879008, 87494005, 203394008, 74859007, 320481000009105
English Achilles bursitis, Haglund's deformity, Achilles tendinitis, tendonitis achilles, haglund's deformity, achilles bursitis, albert's syndrome, alberts disease, haglund's disease, achilles tendonitis, Haglund's disease, Calcaneal osteochondritis, Inflammation of calcaneal bursa (disorder), Inflammation of calcaneal bursa, Calcaneal bursitis, Achillobursitis, Albert's syndrome, Swediaur's disease, Achilles bursitis (disorder), Capped hock, bursitis; calcaneal, calcaneal; bursitis, achillobursitis, Swediauer's disease, Achilles bursitis (disorder) [Ambiguous], Achilles bursitis or tendinitis, Haglund deformity
Dutch Haglund-misvorming, bursitis of tendinitis van achillespees, bursitis van achillespees, bursitis; calcaneus, calcaneus; bursitis
French Bursite ou tendinite du tendon d'Achille, Difformité de Haglund, Bursite du tendon d'Achille
German Achillesbursitis oder Tendinitis, Achillobursitis, Haglund-Ferse
Italian Deformità di Haglund, Borsite achillea, Tendinite o borsite del tendine d'Achille
Portuguese Deformidade de Haglund, Bursite aquiliana, Bursite ou tendinite aquiliana
Spanish Bursitis o tendinitis aquílea, Deformidad de Haglund, Bursitis del tendón de Aquiles, aquilobursitis, osteocondritis calcánea, bursitis aquileana (concepto no activo), bursitis aquileana (trastorno), bursitis aquileana, enfermedad de Haglund, enfermedad de Swediaur, síndrome de Albert
Japanese ハグルンド変形, アキレス腱滑液包炎, ハグルンドヘンケイ, アキレスケンカツエキホウエン
Czech Burzitida nebo tendinitida Achillovy šlachy, Burzitida Achillovy šlachy, Haglundova deformace
Hungarian Achillobursitis, Haglund-féle deformitás, Achilles bursitis vagy tendinitis