II. Associated Conditions (Comorbid neurological disorders in 60% cases)

  1. Spina bifida or meningomyelocele
  2. Arthrogryposis

III. Signs

  1. Foot with "Rocker-bottom" appearance
  2. Rigid foot with tight heel cord
  3. Reversed longitudinal arch
    1. Convex plantar surface
  4. Plantar flexion of Ankle Joint
  5. Midfoot and hindfoot are dorsiflexed

IV. Differential Diagnosis

  1. Out-toeing (Talipes Calcaneovalgus)
    1. More mild changes than Convex Pes Valgus

V. Management

  1. Stretching may be tried as with Talipes Calcaneovalgus
  2. Surgery required in most cases

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