II. Background

  1. Usually custom created by orthotist or podiatrist
  2. To reduce cost:
    1. Pre-fab Orthotics may be tried (see Superfeet below)
    2. Some providers have used method below to create

III. Commercial Orthotics

  1. Superfeet
    1. Sold retail and online
    2. May be purchased per shoe-size or custom fit

IV. Preparation: Orthotic material

  1. Orthoplast (J and J product)
  2. Easily malleable when warmed

V. Technique

  1. Trace foot
    1. Patient stands on Orthoplast
    2. Cut out pattern from Orthoplast
  2. Heat Orthotic material
    1. Place Orthoplast in hot water
    2. Hydrocollator at about 120-130
    3. Heat for 3-5 minutes
  3. Mold Orthotic when malleable
    1. Cup heel of Orthotic
    2. Patient sits with foot resting on table
      1. Non-weight bearing
    3. Apply Orthotic to patient's foot (comfortably warm)
      1. Patient holds foot in neutral position (90 degrees)
      2. No foot eversion or inversion
    4. Apply cool wet ace wrap over the top of Orthotic
      1. Fixes Orthoplast to foot until it hardens
      2. Mold over arch and heel
  4. Trim edges behind Metatarsal heads
    1. Use tin snip for gross changes
    2. Bevel edges with grinder for fine adjustment

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Ontology: Foot Orthoses (C1283250)

Definition (MSH) Devices used to support or align the foot structure, or to prevent or correct foot deformities.
Concepts Medical Device (T074)
MSH D061826
SnomedCT 360318003
English foot orthosis, Foot Orthotic Device, Orthotic Device, Foot, Foot Orthosis, Orthosis, Foot, Device, Foot Orthotic, Foot Orthoses, Orthotic Devices, Foot, Devices, Foot Orthotic, Orthoses, Foot, Foot Orthotic Devices, Foot orthosis (physical object), Foot orthosis
Czech ortézy chodidla
French Orthèses de pied, Orthèses podologiques, Dispositifs orthétiques de pied
German Fussorthesen, Fußorthesen
Italian Ortesi per il piede
Spanish Ortesis del Pié, ortesis para el pie (objeto físico), ortesis para el pie
Polish Aparaty ortopedyczne stopy
Portuguese Órtoses do Pé, Órtoses para Pé
Norwegian Fotortoser, Fotortose