II. Indication

III. Materials

  1. Ski pole or similar object
  2. Shoe
  3. Cloth strips
  4. Image: True Traction Splint
    1. erTraumaFemurTraction.png

IV. Management: Traction Splint Technique

  1. Patient Position
    1. Keep patient's foot firmly on ground for procedure
  2. Apply ankle hitch
    1. Tie cloth tag around ankle in Z hitch
    2. Apply 5 pounds of pressure with manual traction
  3. Apply Splint between groin and ankle
    1. Place Shoe in groin to receive ski pole tip
    2. Place ski pole tip into shoe
      1. Pole handle should extend 18 inches beyond foot
    3. Tie pole against injured thigh
    4. Tie Z hitch to ski pole handle strap
  4. Apply traction at ankle hitch
    1. Maintain at least 5 pounds pressure traction

V. Management: Adjunctive measures

  1. Apply Ace wrap around thigh
    1. Acts as pressure dressing to reduce bleeding
  2. Apply leg splint as in Improvised Fracture Splint

VI. Resources

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