II. Indications

  1. Middle phalanx volar avulsion Fracture (larger avulsions with risk of dorsal subluxation)
  2. PIP joint dorsal dislocations (reduced and stable)

III. Images

IV. Technique

  1. Application
    1. Splint applied to dorsal surface of affected finger from distal finger nail to proximal Metacarpals
    2. Tape the splint to finger over the MCP joint and the proximal phalanx
    3. PIP should be able to freely flex, but limited in extension by the splint position
  2. Position
    1. Start with the splint angled over the PIP to 45 degrees (maximal PIP extension is 45 degrees)
    2. Decrease the angle by 15 degrees per week (45,30,15, and finally 0)

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