II. Pointers

  1. Shoes should be comfortable right out of box
    1. No break-in period should be needed
  2. Fit shoes on both feet
    1. Weight bearing
    2. End of day (feet most swollen)
  3. Allow adequate space between longest toe and shoe end
    1. Regular shoes: 1/2 inch of toe space
    2. Athletic shoes: 1 inch of toe space
  4. Allow adequate shoe width
    1. Ball of foot should have adequate room
    2. Widest part of shoe should be at first MTP joint
  5. Check that heel of foot fits snugly
  6. Check the fit over the instep
    1. Laced shoes allow for instep fit adjustment
  7. Orthotics and inserts modify shoe fit
    1. Orthotic user should fit shoes while wearing Orthotic

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