II. Background

  1. Over-the-counter Racemic EpinephrineInhaler used by patients for self-diagnosed bronchospasm
  2. Replaces Primatene Mist
    1. Removed from U.S. market in 2011 due to chlorofluorocarbons
    2. Editorial comment: I thought it was removed for the other right reason (it is dangerous)

III. Disadvantages: Compared with prescribed AlbuterolInhaler

  1. OTC status bypasses Asthma Evaluation and assessment for controller medications (CorticosteroidInhalers)
  2. Shorter-acting and less effective than Albuterol
  3. Increased side effects and more rebound symptoms than Albuterol
  4. Significant set-up and maintenance of delivery device
  5. More expensive than Albuterol

IV. References

  1. (2012) Presc Lett 19(10): 58
  2. Dickinson (2000) Chest 118:522–526 [PubMed]

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