II. Epidemiology

  1. Much more common in adults than children
  2. Onset age over 40 years old

III. Pathophysiology

  1. Non-IgE, Non-allergic asthma
  2. Neutrophil mediated Asthma

IV. Causes: Precipitating Factors

  1. Irritant exposure
    1. Air Pollution
    2. Fumes
    3. Perfumes
    4. Household cleaning agents
    5. Insecticides
    6. Fresh paint
    7. Tobacco Smoking or Secondhand Smoke
    8. Cold air
  2. Infection
    1. Upper Respiratory Infection
    2. Purulent Rhinitis
    3. Acute Sinusitis
  3. Gastroesophageal Reflux
  4. Medications
    1. Beta Blockers (even Intraocular Beta Blocker)
  5. Body Habitus
    1. Obesity

V. Symptoms

VI. Management

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Ontology: Intrinsic asthma (C0155880)

Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
ICD9 493.1
ICD10 J45.1 , J45
SnomedCT 266397004, 8312004, 195973000, 195976008, 155576005, 266361008
English Intrinsic asthma NOS, Nonallergic asthma, Intrinsic asthma, intrinsic asthma, intrinsic asthma (diagnosis), asthma intrinsic, asthma nonallergic, intrinsic nonallergic asthma, nonallergic asthma, Intrinsic asthma (disorder), Intrinsic asthma NOS (disorder), Non-allergic asthma (diagnosis), asthma non-allergic, Asthma due to internal immunological process, Non-allergic asthma, Non-allergic asthma (disorder), asthma; intrinsic, nonallergic, asthma; intrinsic, asthma; nonallergic, intrinsic; asthma, nonallergic, intrinsic; asthma, nonallergic; asthma, Intrinsic asthma (disorder) [Ambiguous]
Spanish asma intrínseca, asma no alérgica (trastorno), asma no alérgica, Asma intrínseca, asma intrínseco, SAI (trastorno), asma no alérgico, asma intrínseco, SAI, asma no alérgico (trastorno), asma intrínseco, asma intrínseca (trastorno), asma intrínseca, SAI, asma intrínseca, SAI (trastorno), asma por proceso inmunológico interno, asma intrínseca (concepto no activo)
Dutch intrinsiek astma, astma; intrinsiek, niet allergisch, astma; intrinsiek, astma; niet-allergisch, intrinsiek; astma, niet allergisch, intrinsiek; astma, niet-allergisch; astma, Niet-allergisch astma
French Asthme intrinsèque
German intrinsisches Asthma, Nichtallergisches Asthma bronchiale
Italian Asma intrinseca
Portuguese Asma intrínseca
Japanese 内因性喘息, ナイインセイゼンソク
Czech Endogenní astma
Korean 비알레르기성 천식
Hungarian Intrinsic asthma