II. Definition

  1. Distal Rupture Biceps Tendon

III. Causes

  1. Degenerative Change at Insertion into Radial Tuberosity
    1. Similar to changes at long head biceps at Shoulder
  2. Sudden forceful elbow flexion
    1. Results in rupture at radius insertion

IV. Risk Factors

V. Symptoms

  1. Audible, painful snap at elbow following forceful elbow flexion
  2. Swelling, tenderness, and Bruising occurs at anterior upper arm, proximal to elbow
  3. Sudden onset with sharp snapping Sensation
  4. Pain and weakness of Shoulder and arm

VI. Signs

  1. Weak flexion at elbow
    1. Some flexion may be maintained
    2. Requires intact overlying deep fascia of antecubital
  2. Weak supination at Forearm
  3. Bulbous swelling in upper arm on flexion
    1. Localized bulge at distal biceps when elbow flexed
    2. Bulge represents retracted biceps Muscle belly
  4. Images
    1. ArmBicepsRupture.jpg

VII. Management: Surgery Indications

  1. Rarely indicated due to minimal pain and dysfunction
  2. Elective repair may be indicated in young athlete
  3. Indicated if significant Motor Strength loss

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