II. Anatomy: Columnar Epithelium Landmarks (Uterus)

  1. Endocervical canal
    1. Columnar epithelium villi
  2. Ectropion
    1. Eversion of columnar epithelium onto ectocervix
    2. Appears like an erosion

III. Anatomy: Transitional Landmarks (Squamous Metaplasia)

  1. Transformation Zone
    1. From True (proximal) to Original (distal) SCJ
    2. Where premalignant changes and neoplasia occur
    3. Encompasses Immature and mature squamous metaplasia
    4. GynCervicalColposcopyTransitionZone.jpg
  2. True Squamocolumnar junction
    1. Upper or proximal limit of squamous metaplasia
    2. Usually not visualized
      1. Within endocervical canal
      2. Approximately 3 cm from observed SCJ
  3. Immature Squamous metaplasia
  4. Observed Squamocolumnar Junction
    1. GynCervicalColposcopySquamocolumnarJunction1.jpg
    2. GynCervicalColposcopySquamocolumnarJunction3.jpg

IV. Anatomy: Squamous Epithelium Landmarks (Vagina)

  1. Mature squamous metaplasia
    1. Nabothian cysts/follicles are in this area
    2. GynCervicalColposcopySquamousMetaplasia.jpg
  2. Original Squamocolumnar Junction
  3. Squamous epithelium
  4. Ectocervix

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