II. Indication

  1. Tests integrity of Peripheral Nerve myelin and axon
  2. Differentiates Neuropathy causes
    1. Distribution (single nerve or diffuse involvement)
      1. See Peripheral Neuropathy Causes
      2. Mononeuropathy (e.g. Carpal Tunnel)
      3. Polyneuropathy (e.g. Diabetic Neuropathy)
    2. Component of nerve involved (see below)
      1. Neuronal or Axonal Neuropathy
        1. EMG slowed out of proportion to Nerve Conduction
      2. Demyelinating or infiltrative Neuropathy
        1. Nerve Conduction slowed out of proportion to EMG

IV. References

  1. Pryse-Phillips in Noble (2001) Primary Care, p. 1579

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