II. Indications

  1. Community Acquired Pneumonia assessment of ICU bed status requirement

III. Criteria

  1. Major
    1. Invasive Mechanical Ventilation
    2. Septic Shock with Vasopressors required
  2. Minor
    1. Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) >20 mg/dl
    2. Confusion or Disorientation
    3. Hypotension requiring aggressive fluid Resuscitation
    4. Hypothermia with core Temperature <96.8 F
    5. Leukopenia with White Blood Cell Count <4000 per mm3
    6. Multilobar infiltrates
    7. PaO2 to FIO2 ratio <250 or need for Noninvasive Ventilation (NIPPV)
    8. Respiratory Rate >30 breaths/min or need for Noninvasive Ventilation (NIPPV)
    9. Thrombocytopenia with Platelet Count <100,000 per mm3
  3. Other Minor Criteria that may be considered
    1. Hypoglycemia in non-diabetic patients
    2. Acute Alcohol Withdrawal
    3. Hyponatremia
    4. Unexplained Metabolic Acidosis
    5. Elevated Lactic Acid
    6. Cirrhosis
    7. Asplenia

IV. Interpretation

  1. Overall Major and Minor Criteria
    1. ICU bed required if any major criteria is present
    2. Consider ICU bed if any minor criteria present
  2. Minor Criteria
    1. Minor score >3 is associated with a 44.1% chance of requiring an ICU admission
    2. Minor score 3 or higher is associated with 38.7% chance of needing Mechanical Ventilation or Vasopressors

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