II. Indications

  1. Suspected Obstructive Sleep Apnea (consider as part of preoperative assessment)

III. Criteria: Mnemonic STOP-Bang (each question answered with YES or NO)

  1. Snoring loudly?
  2. Tiredness (Daytime Sleepiness, Tiredness or Fatigue)?
  3. Observed Apnea (or Choking or gasping during sleep)?
  4. High Blood Pressure?
  5. BMI >35 kg/m2?
  6. Age >50 years old?
  7. Neck Circumference >15.75 inches (40 cm)?
  8. Male Gender?

IV. Interpretation

  1. Score 1 point for each YES answer
  2. Score 0-2: Low risk
  3. Score 3-4: Intermediate risk
  4. Score >4: High risk

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