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Ontology: Slow respiration (C0231837)

Definition (NCI) Abnormal decrease of rate of breathing.
Concepts Finding (T033)
SnomedCT 86684002
LNC LA18266-9
English BRADYPNOEA, BREATHING SLOWED, RESPIRATORY RATE DECREASED, bradypnea (physical finding), bradypnea, Breathing rate slowed, Breathing slowed, Respiration rate decreased, Respiratory rate decreased, Respiratory rate low, bradypnoea, breathing slowing, slow breathing, low respiratory rate, decreased respiratory rate, slow breath, slowed breathing, slow respiration, DECREASED RESPIRATORY RATE, RESPIRATORY RATE, DECREASED, RATE OF RESPIRATION, DECREASED, Bradypnea, Bradypnoea, Slow breathing, Slow respiration, Slow respiration (finding)
Italian Bradipnea, Frequenza respiratoria diminuita, Frequenza respiratoria bassa, Frequenza respiratoria ridotta, Respirazione rallentata
Dutch ademhalingsfrequentie vertraagd, ademhaling vertraagd, ademhalingsfrequentie laag, abnormaal langzame ademhaling, ademhalingsfrequentie verlaagd
French Rythme de la respiration ralentie, Respiration ralentie, Fréquence respiratoire basse, Taux respiratoire diminué, BRADYPNEE, RALENTISS DU RYTHME RESPIRATOIRE, RALENTISSEMENT RYTHME RESPIRAT, Bradypnée, Fréquence respiratoire diminuée
German Atemfrequenz niedrig, Atemfrequenz verlangsamt, Atmung verlangsamt, ATEMFREQUENZ ERNIEDRIGT, ATMUNG VERLANGSAMT, BRADYPNOE, Atemfrequenz erniedrigt, Bradypnoe
Portuguese Frequência respiratória baixa, Respiração lenta, BRADIPNEIA, DIMINUICAO DA FREQUENCIA RESP., DIMINUICAO DO RITMO RESPIRATORIO, Bradipneia, Frequência respiratória diminuída
Spanish Enlentecimiento de la respiración, Frecuencia respiratoria baja, BRADIPNEA, RESPIRACION ENLENTECIDA, RESPIRACION, FRECUENCIA DISMINUID, bradipnea (hallazgo), bradipnea, respiración lenta, Bradipnea, Frecuencia respiratoria disminuida
Japanese 呼吸緩慢, 徐呼吸, 呼吸数減少, コキュウカンマン, コキュウスウゲンショウ, ジョコキュウ, 呼吸数低値, コキュウスウテイチ
Czech Bradypnoe, Zpomalené dýchání, Dechová frekvence snížená, Snížená dechová frekvence, Zpomalená dechová frekvence, Nízká dechová frekvence
Hungarian Légzés lassult, Respiratorikus frekvencia alacsony, Légzésfrekvencia csökkent, Respiratorikus frekvencia csökkent, Bradypnoea