II. Causes: Pathognomonic Lesions

  1. Behcet's Disease
    1. See Oral Ulcer for differential diagnosis
    2. Recurrent and numerous Oral Ulcers involving the Soft Palate and oropharynx
  2. Crohn's Disease
    1. Diffuse mucosal swelling, comble-stoning and deep linear ulcers
    2. Pathognomonic "snail-track" ulcers known as pyostomatitis vegetans
  3. Lichen Planus
    1. Erosive: Diffuse erythema and painful ulcers (with radiating striae peripherally)
    2. Reticular: White lacy striae typically over the Buccal mucosa
  4. Lupus Erythematosus
    1. Oral discoid lesions with central, well-demarcated erythema or ulcer and surrounding striae radiating outward
    2. Silver scarred Plaques (honeycomb Plaques)
    3. Purpura or Petechiae may also be present
  5. Pemphigoid (benign mucous membrane)
    1. Oral Blister followed by ulceration
    2. Contrast with Pemphigus where Blisters are rarely seen intact
  6. Pemphigus Vulgaris (Oral Ulcers are the presenting concern in 50-80% of patients)
    1. See Oral Ulcer for differential diagnosis
    2. Diffuse and painful Oral Ulcers may precede skin findings

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