II. Causes: Benign

  1. Fibroma, Hemangioma, Papilloma
    1. Can occur anywhere in oral cavity
    2. Excise if symptomatic
  2. Exostoses: Torus Palatinus
    1. Bony growth of Hard Palate
    2. Surgery only if prosthetic device needed

III. Causes: Pre-malignant lesions

IV. Causes: Malignant

V. Management

  1. Biopsy any suspicious lesion present 2 weeks or more

VI. References

  1. Diaz in Noble (2001) Primary Care Medicine, p. 1757
  2. Weinberg (2002) Am Fam Physician 65(7):1379-86 [PubMed]

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Ontology: Mouth Neoplasms (C0026640)

Definition (NCI) A benign or malignant neoplasm that affects the oral cavity.
Definition (NCI) A benign or malignant neoplasm involving the oral cavity and/or the lips.
Definition (MSH) Tumors or cancer of the MOUTH.
Definition (CSP) new abnormal tissue of the mouth that grows by excessive cellular division and proliferation more rapidly than normal and continues to grow after the stimuli that initiated the new growth cease.
Concepts Neoplastic Process (T191)
MSH D009062
SnomedCT 235075007, 126797001
English Neoplasm, Mouth, Neoplasms, Mouth, mouth neoplasm, MOUTH NEOPL, ORAL NEOPL, NEOPL MOUTH, NEOPL ORAL, neoplasm of oral cavity, mouth tumor or cancer, neoplasm of oral cavity (diagnosis), Mouth Neoplasms, Mouth neoplasia, Neoplasm mouth, Neoplasm of the mouth, Oral neoplasm NOS, Neoplasm, Oral, Neoplasms, Oral, Oral Neoplasms, Mouth Neoplasms [Disease/Finding], mouth tumours, of mouth tumor, oral neoplasms, oral cavity tumor, mouth neoplasms, mouth tumors, tumor mouth, cavity oral tumors, mouth tumor, tumour mouth, Neoplasm of oral cavity, Mouth--Tumors, Oral neoplasm, Tumor of mouth, Tumor of oral cavity, Tumour of mouth, Tumour of oral cavity, Neoplasm of mouth (disorder), Neoplasm of mouth, Tumor of oral cavity (disorder), Mouth Neoplasm, Oral Neoplasm, Lip and Oral Cavity Neoplasm, Lip and Oral Cavity Tumor, Lip and Oral Cavity Tumour, Mouth Tumor, Oral Cavity Neoplasm, Oral Cavity Tumor, Oral Tumor, oral neoplasm
Italian Tumore della bocca, Neoplasia della bocca, Tumore della bocca NAS, Neoplasie orali, Neoplasie della bocca
Dutch neoplasma mond, mondneoplasie, oraalneoplasma NAO, neoplasma van de mond, oraalneoplasma, Mondtumor, Mondtumoren, Orale tumor, Tumor, mond-, Tumoren, mond-
French Néoplasie buccale, Tumeur de la bouche, Tumeur buccale SAI, Tumeur buccale, Tumeurs buccales, Tumeurs de la bouche
German Neubildung des Mundes, orale Neubildung NNB, Neoplasie des Mundes, orale Neubildung, Mundtumoren, Orale Tumoren
Portuguese Neoplasia da boca NE, Neoplasia da boca, Neoplasias Bucais, Neoplasias Orais
Spanish Neoplasia oral NEOM, Neoplasia de boca, Neoplasia de la boca, neoplasia de la boca (trastorno), neoplasia de la boca, tumor en la boca, tumor en la cavidad bucal (trastorno), tumor en la cavidad bucal, Neoplasia oral, Neoplasias Orales, Neoplasias de la Boca
Japanese 口腔内新生物, コウクウシュヨウ, コウクウシンセイブツNOS, コウコウシンセイブツ, 口腔新生物NOS, コウコウシンセイブツNOS, コウクウシンセイブツ, コウクウナイシンセイブツ, 口腔新生物, 口腔腫瘍
Swedish Munhåletumörer
Czech nádory dutiny ústní, Novotvar dutiny ústní, Neoplazie dutiny ústní, Novotvar úst, Novotvar ústní NOS, nádory úst, nádorů dutiny ústní, orální nádory, ústa - nádory, nádory v ústech
Finnish Suun kasvaimet
Polish Nowotwory jamy ustnej
Hungarian Oralis neoplasia k.m.n., Szájdaganat, Oralis neoplasia, Száj neoplasiája, Száj daganata
Norwegian Munnkreft, Munnhulekreft, Munntumorer, Svulster i munn, Tumorer i munn