II. Epidemiology: 10 Most Common Oral Lesions

  1. Leukoplakia
  2. Palatal Torus or Mandibular Torus
  3. Inflammation or Irritation
  4. Irritation fibroma
  5. Fordyce's Granules
  6. Hemangioma
  7. Inflammatory ulcer
  8. Papilloma
  9. Epulis fissurata
  10. Varicosities
  11. References
    1. Bouquot (1986) J Am Dent Assoc, 112 [PubMed]

III. Preparation

  1. Remove dentures, orthodontic removable devices

IV. Exam: Palate

V. Exam: Tonsils

  1. Anterior and posterior Tonsillar Pillars encase Tonsils
  2. Uvula

VI. Exam: Tongue

  1. Dorsum
    1. Tongue dorsum should be pink, velvety
    2. Papillae (large Vallate Papillae posteriorly)
  2. Undersurface (Smooth)

VII. Exam: Floor of mouth

  1. Palpate area of submandibular and Sublingual Glands
  2. Palpate Submental and digastric Lymph Nodes
  3. Palpate Salivary Duct papillae
    1. Parotid Papilla (Stensen's Duct opening)
      1. Adjacent to Maxillary 2nd molar
    2. Submaxillary papillae of Wharton's Duct
      1. At base of lingual frenulum

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