II. Etiology

  1. Normal, benign variant on Buccal mucosa

III. Signs

  1. Yellow, pinpoint, submucosal Papules
  2. Located on:
    1. Buccal mucosa
    2. Vermillion border of lips

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Ontology: Fordyce's disease (C0221218)

Concepts Congenital Abnormality (T019) , Disease or Syndrome (T047)
SnomedCT 201245000, 204637000, 50584008
English fordyces spots, fordyce's disease, fordyces granules, fordyce disease, fordyce granules, ectopic sebaceous glands, fordyce granule, fordyce's granules, fordyce spot, fordyce spots, fordyces spot, Ectopic sebaceous glands (disorder), Ectopic sebaceous gland tissue, Fordyce granules, Fordyce spots, Fordyce's disease, Ectopic oral sebaceous glands, Ectopic sebaceous glands, Fordyce disease, Fordyce's disease of mouth, Fordyce's granules, Fordyce's disease (disorder), Fordyce, aberrant; sebaceous glands, sebaceous glands; aberrant
Czech Fordyceho skvrny
Dutch vlekken van Fordyce, aberrant; talgklieren, talgklieren; aberrant
French Grains de Fordyce
German Fordyce-Flecken
Hungarian Fordyce foltok
Italian Macchie di Fordyce
Spanish Manchas de Fordyce, enfermedad de Fordyce (trastorno), enfermedad de Fordyce, gránulos de Fordyce, manchas de Fordyce, tejido glandular sebáceo ectópico
Japanese フォアダイスハン, フォアダイス斑
Portuguese Manchas de fordyce