II. Physiology

  1. Associated with Hair Follicles in hair covered areas
  2. Independent of Hair Follicles at mucosal margins
    1. Lips
    2. Eyelids
    3. Penis
    4. Labia Minora
    5. Nipples
  3. Secretes oily substance (sebum) onto hair
  4. Sebum acts to waterproof hair and skin

III. Histology

  1. Acinus produces sebum
    1. Round cells with lipid-filled vacuoles
    2. Secretion of sebum known as Holocrine Secretion
  2. Branched acini join at short duct
  3. Duct empties into Hair Follicle
  4. Images
    1. dermHairFollicleGrayBB944.gifLewis (1918) Gray's Anatomy 20th ed (in public domain at Yahoo or BartleBy)

IV. Sebaceous Gland Conditions

V. References

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  2. Murphy in Cotran (1989) Robbins Pathology, p. 1277-8

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