II. Indication

  1. Anesthesiology evaluation to assess ease of intubation
  2. Sleep Apnea evaluation (experimental)

III. Exam

  1. Assess Tonsil and Tonsillar fossa visibility
  2. View pharynx with mouth open at rest
    1. No phonation
    2. No protrusion of Tongue
  3. Scoring
    1. Class 1: Entire Tonsil clearly visible
    2. Class 2: Upper half of Tonsil fossa visible
    3. Class 3: Soft and Hard Palate clearly visible
    4. Class 4: Only Hard Palate visible
  4. Images
    1. entMallampatiAll.jpg

IV. Interpretation

  1. Higher Mallampati Score (Type 4) is higher risk
    1. More difficult intubation
    2. Associated with Sleep Apnea

V. Resources

  1. Global Anesthesiology Server Network (GASNet)
    1. http://gasnet.med.yale.edu/airway/rec07.htm

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