II. Definition

  1. Gum local inflammation without the bone loss seen in Periodontitis

III. Causes

  1. Plaque
  2. Calculus
  3. Food accretion

IV. Symptoms

  1. Painless swelling and erythema of the gums
  2. Gums bleed easily with Tooth Brushing and flossing
  3. Halitosis

V. Signs

  1. Gingival margin redness and swelling
  2. Bulbous interdental papillae
  3. Disappearance of normal stippling
  4. Easy bleeding with light contact

VI. Course

  1. Tooth mobility or migration
  2. Gingival recession

VII. Complications

VIII. Management

  1. See Oral Hygiene below
  2. Chlorhexidine gluconate 0.12% rinse (Peridex) or
  3. Hexetidine 0.1% rinse (Oraldene) or
  4. Listerine antiseptic

IX. Prevention: Oral Hygiene

  1. See Oral Health
  2. Frequent Tooth Brushing, flossing and fluoride rinses
  3. Newer toothpastes contain antibiotic Triclosan
    1. Colgate Total and Crest Multicare
    2. Reduces Plaque and Gingivitis up to 50%
    3. No signs of Antibiotic Resistance
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