II. Epidemiology

  1. Associated with 1.8 million deaths per year in malnourished persons worldwide
  2. Zinc Deficiency is estimated to affect 30% of the world population

III. See Also

V. Signs

  1. Growth retardation (especially head growth)
  2. Delayed Puberty
  3. Hypogonadism

VI. Associated Conditions

VII. Causes

  1. Acrodermatitis enteropathica (zinc malabsorption syndrome)
  2. Malnutrition
    1. Developing countries
    2. Alcoholism
    3. Celiac Sprue
    4. Cirrhosis
    5. Crohn Disease
    6. Gastric Bypass
    7. Prolonged intravenous feeding
    8. Short bowel syndrome
    9. Vegan diet
  3. Pregnancy and Lactation
  4. Sickle Cell Disease
  5. Critically ill children (associated with organ failure)

VIII. Labs

  1. Serum zinc levels are not a reliable measure of zinc stores

IX. Diagnosis

  1. Zinc Deficiency is a clinical diagnosis rather than a lab diagnosis
  2. Base diagnosis on symptoms, signs, risk factors and overall Malnutrition

X. Management

  1. See Zinc for RDA levels
  2. Mild Zinc Deficiency
    1. Zinc at 2-3 times the RDA for 6 months
  3. Severe Zinc Deficiency
    1. Zinc at 4-5 times the RDA for 6 months

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Ontology: Zinc deficiency (C0235950)

Definition (NCI) A genetic or acquired metabolic disorder that is associated with zinc deficiency in the tissues.
Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
SnomedCT 367102002, 238124008
English ZINC DEFICIENCY, zinc deficiency (diagnosis), zinc deficiency, Zinc decreased, Zn levels low, Zinc low, Zn++ low, deficiency zinc, low zinc, deficiencies zinc, Zinc Deficiency Disorder, Zinc deficiency, Zinc deficiency (disorder), deficiency; zinc, zinc; deficiency
Italian Carenza di zinco, Zinco basso, Livelli di zinco bassi, Zinco diminuito, Zn++ basso
Dutch zink verlaagd, zink laag, Zn-spiegels laag, Zn++ laag, deficiëntie; zink, zink; deficiëntie, zinkdeficiëntie
French Taux de zinc bas, Zn++ bas, Zinc bas, Zinc diminué, DEFICIT DU ZINC, Carence en zinc
German Zink erniedrigt, Zink niedrig, Zinkspiegel niedrig, Zn++ niedrig, ZINKMANGEL, Zinkmangel
Portuguese Concentrações baixas de Zn, Zinco baixo, Zn++ baixo, Zinco diminuído, DEFICIENCIA EM ZINCO, Carência de zinco
Spanish Cinc bajo, Cinc disminuido, Zn++ bajo, Niveles bajos de Zn, ZINC, DEFICIENCIA, deficiencia de zinc, deficiencia de zinc (trastorno), deficiencia de cinc (trastorno), deficiencia de cinc, Déficit de cinc
Japanese 亜鉛欠乏, 亜鉛減少, アエンケツボウ, アエンゲンショウ, 亜鉛濃度低値, Zn++テイチ, アエンノウドテイチ, Zn++低値, アエンテイチ, 亜鉛低値
Czech Nízký zinek, Nízký Zn++, Snížený Zn, Deficit zinku, Nízké hladiny Zn
Hungarian Cink csökkent, Cink alacsony, Zn++ alacsony, Zn szint alacsony, Cink hiány