II. Pathophysiology

III. Symptoms

  1. Tongue dryness
  2. Intermittent Tongue Burning
  3. Paresthesias of taste
  4. Tongue Pain may be severe in advanced stages

IV. Signs

  1. Complete or patchy Tongue baldness
  2. Smooth, slick, sore Tongue with lost papillae
  3. Atrophied hyperemic papillae (small punctate red dots)

V. Causes

  1. Xerostomia
  2. Diabetes Mellitus
  3. Anemia
    1. Folic Acid Deficiency Anemia
    2. Vitamin B12 Deficiency Anemia
    3. Iron Deficiency Anemia
  4. Other possible Vitamin Deficiencies
    1. Pyridoxine deficiency
    2. Riboflavin deficiency
    3. Niacin Deficiency
  5. Anti-cancer drugs
  6. Riley-Day Dysautonia Syndrome

VI. Management

  1. Treat underlying cause
    1. Xerostomia
    2. Nutritional deficiency
  2. Soft, bland diet

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Ontology: Atrophy of tongue papillae (C0155964)

Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
ICD9 529.4
ICD10 K14.4
SnomedCT 50644009, 196585008, 196586009, 196588005, 196589002, 69279006, 9491003
English Moeller's glossodyn exfoliat, Tongue Papillary Atrophy, Hunter's glossitis (diagnosis), glossitis atrophic (diagnosis), Moeller's glossitis (diagnosis), glossitis atrophic, atrophic glossitis, Tongue papillary atrophy NOS, Smooth tongue, Atrophy tongue papillae, smooth atrophic tongue, smooth atrophic tongue (physical finding), bald tongue, hunter's glossitis, smooth tongue, atrophy of the tongue papillae, tongue atrophy papillae, atrophy of the tongue papillae (diagnosis), Tongue papillary atrophy NOS (disorder), Atrophic glossitis (disorder), Moeller's glossitis (disorder), Atrophy of tongue papillae, Atrophic glossitis, Bald tongue, Glazed tongue, Glossodynia exfoliativa, Hunter's glossitis, Moeller's glossitis, Smooth atrophic tongue, Moeller's glossodynia exfoliativa, Tongue denuded of papillae, Atrophy of tongue papillae (disorder), atrophic; glossitis, atrophy; tongue, papillae, Hunter; glossitis, glossitis; Hunter, glossitis; atrophic, glossitis; moeller's, tongue; atrophy, papillae, Glossitis, Hunter's, Glossitis, Moeller's
German Atrophie der Zungenpapillen, atrophische Glossitis, Atrophie der Zungenpapillen NNB, Zungenpapillenatrophie
Korean 혀유두의 위축
Spanish Atrofia de las papilas de la lengua, Glositis atrófica, Atrofia de las papilas de la lengua NEOM, glositis de Moeller (concepto no activo), lengua luciente, glositis atrófica (concepto no activo), glositis de Moeller, glosodinia exfoliativa, glositis atrófica, papilitis lingual crónica, atrofia papilar de la lengua, SAI, glositis de Hunter, atrofia papilar de la lengua, SAI (trastorno), atrofia de papila lingual (trastorno), atrofia de papila lingual, lengua atrófica lisa
Portuguese Glossite atrófica, Atrofia papilar da língua NE, Atrofia das papilas da língua
Dutch atrofie van tongpapillen, atrofische glossitis, tongpapillenatrofie NAO, Hunter; glossitis, atrofie; tong, papillen, atrofisch; glossitis, glossitis; Hunter, glossitis; Moeller, glossitis; atrofisch, tong; atrofie, papillen, Atrofie van tongpapillen
Italian Glossite atrofica, Atrofia delle papille della lingua, Atrofia delle papille linguali NAS
French Atrophie des papilles de la langue, Glossite atrophique, Atrophie papillaire de la langue SAI
Czech Atrofie jazykových papil NOS, Atrofická glositida, Atrofie jazykových papil
Japanese イシュクセイゼツエン, ゼツニュウトウイシュク, ゼツニュウトウイシュクNOS, 舌乳頭萎縮, 舌乳頭萎縮NOS, 萎縮性舌炎
Hungarian Atrophichus glossitis, Nyelvpapillák sorvadása, Nyelv papillaris atrophia k.m.n.