II. Theory

  1. Use musculature to brace spine
  2. Flex knees to lower center of gravity
  3. Contract abdominal Muscles to act as corset
  4. Maintain Flexibility
    1. Decreases spine loading of lower extremities

III. Management: Stabilization Program

  1. Find neutral position
    1. Standing and sitting positions
  2. Prone gluteal squeezes
  3. Supine pelvic bracing
    1. Push Pelvis against floor
  4. Bridging progression: Move toward arched position
    1. Start: Supine with one leg raised
    2. Next: Stepping position
    3. Later: Balance on gym ball
  5. Quadriped position: On hands and knees
    1. Alternate arm and leg straightening
    2. Use ankle and wrist weights in progression
  6. Kneeling stabilization
    1. Both knees on mat to one knee on mat
    2. Lunges
    3. Wrist weights
  7. Wall slide quadriceps strengthen
    1. Perform with and without gym ball between knees
    2. Add hand weight during progression

IV. Management: Neutral position and proper posture Exercises

  1. Abdominal program
    1. Curl-ups
    2. Dead bugs
    3. Diagonal curl-ups to incline
    4. Straight leg lowering
  2. Gym weight training program
    1. Latissimus pull downs
    2. Leg press with seat angled back
    3. Lunges
    4. Hyperextension bench
    5. General upper body weight Exercises
    6. Pulley Exercises to stress Posture control
  3. Aerobic program
    1. Progressive walking
    2. Swimming
    3. Stationary bike
    4. Nordic-track
    5. Running (start on treadmill)

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