II. Protocol

  1. Initial assessment by methodology trained PT and then individualized self treatment
  2. Structured exam classifies patient's Low Back Pain (predicts PT response and best approaches)
    1. Derangement Syndrome
      1. Articular displacement and joint disturbance
    2. Dysfunction Syndrome
      1. Trauma or degeneration resulting in structural and soft tissue deformation
    3. Posture Syndrome
      1. Prolonged postural stress resulting in local mechanical pain (e.g. slouched sitting position)
    4. Other
      1. Does not fit in other categories
  3. Approach to therapy is based on 2 key findings
    1. Centralization
      1. Pain localizes distally to start and then centralizes in response to treatment
      2. As an example, initial Foot Pain centralizes to buttock pain on repeated movement
    2. Directional Preference
      1. Decreased pain on extension or in shifting weight to the left or right

III. Resources

  1. McKenzie Method for Clinicians
    1. http://www.mckenzieinstitute.org/clinicians/
  2. Treat Your Own Back (Self-Directed McKenzie Method Book for patients)
    1. https://www.amazon.com/Treat-Your-Back-Robin-McKenzie/dp/0987650408

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