II. Indications

III. Contraindications

  1. Active Uveitis

IV. Mechanism

  1. New, expensive class of Open Angle Glaucoma medication released in U.S., 2018
  2. Increases ocular fluid overflow and decreases Episcleral venous pressure (lowers IOP 10-20%)

V. Medications (white cap)

  1. Netarsudil (Rhopressa) once daily

VI. Adverse Effects

  1. Eye Redness with Conjunctival Hyperemia (>50% of patients)
  2. Blurred Vision
  3. Keratitis
  4. Cornea Verticillata

VII. References

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Cost: Medications

rhopressa (on 1/3/2022 at Medicaid.Gov Survey of pharmacy drug pricing)
RHOPRESSA 0.02% OPHTH SOLUTION $114.09 per ml