III. Definition

  1. Assesses percent of target weight based on age and length

IV. Calculation

  1. Step 1: Define height age
    1. Determine age when 50% children reach patient's height
  2. Step 2: Define target weight
    1. Locate 50th percentile Weight for Height Age (Step 1)
  3. Step 3: Calculate Weight for Height Age
    1. Calculation = (Actual weight)/(Target weight) x 100

V. Interpretation

  1. Normal Weight for Height Age: 80-120% of target weight
    1. Endocrine disease will also have a normal result
  2. Low Weight for Height Age: <80%
    1. Suggests Protein Calorie Malnutrition
  3. High Weight for Height Age: >120%
    1. Suggests Obesity

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