II. Mechanism

  1. IP joint lateral deviation (radial or ulnar)
  2. Occurs under forced deviation
  3. Most commonly occurs at PIP joint

III. Signs

  1. Localized tenderness at affected collateral ligament
  2. Assess ligament stability
    1. Position affected finger
      1. MCP joint held at 90 degrees flexion
      2. PIP joint held at 30 degrees flexion
    2. Apply lateral stress to joint to test laxity
      1. Apply varus strees
      2. Apply valgus stress

IV. Imaging: XRay

  1. Avulsion at ligament insertion

V. Management

  1. Referral Indications
    1. Unstable joint
    2. Large avulsion Fracture
    3. Children (due to Growth Plate injury)
  2. Buddy Taping to adjacent finger for 2-4 weeks
    1. Buddy tape ring to pinky finger or
    2. Buddy tape middle to index finger

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