II. Definition

  1. Acute, localized infection around crown of partially erupted tooth
  2. Wisdom teeth (third molars) most often affected

III. Pathophysiology

  1. Plaque and debris accumulate under gum line

IV. Symptoms

  1. Foul taste and halitosis
  2. Localized pain, worse with chewing or Swallowing

V. Signs

  1. Edema around flap overlying erupted tooth
  2. Regional Lymphadenopathy of the Head and Neck
  3. Trismus may occur

VI. Management

  1. Localized cases
    1. Mouthwash with warm salty water
    2. Irrigate under flap of mucosa
    3. Chlorhexidine Gluconate 0.12% Rinse (Peridex)
    4. Hexetidine 0.1% Rinse (Oraldene)
  2. Refractory or severe cases
    1. Dental referral as soon as possible
    2. Oral Penicillin
    3. Adequate Analgesics (e.g. NSAIDs or mild Opioid)

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