II. Diagnosis

  1. Avoidance of Food Intake
    1. Lack of interest
    2. Food sensory characteristics
    3. Concerns regarding eating consequences
  2. Inadequate nutrition
    1. Signficant weight loss
    2. Inadequate weight gain during growth period
    3. Nutritional deficiency
    4. Decreased psychosocial functioning
    5. Supplemental feeding requirements (enteral feeding, Nutritional Supplements)
  3. No disturbance in body weight or shape Perception
    1. Contrast with Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa
  4. Not due to other condition
    1. Not due to decreased food availability
    2. Not due to cultural practice (e.g. religious Fasting)
    3. Not due to other mental health condition or medical condition

III. References

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