II. Prevention

  1. Sunscreen
    1. SPF 15 daily, starting in childhood
    2. SPF 30 during spring and summer
  2. Tobacco Cessation

III. Topical Agents

  1. Tretinoin (Retinoic Acid, Vitamin A Acid, Retin A)
    1. Start: 0.025% Cream 1-2 times per week qhs
    2. See Retin A for adverse effects
      1. Must wear Sunscreen qd
  2. Alpha-Hydroxy acids (Lac-Hydrin 12%) or Urea 3-6%

IV. Other Adjuncts

V. Advanced Methods

  1. Chemical Peels
  2. Derm Abrasion
  3. Laser Abrasion

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