II. Physiology

  1. See Lipoprotein
  2. Very light (0.93 to 1.006 g/ml), large (30-80 nm) Lipoproteins whose cores are primarily Triglycerides
  3. Surface is a phospholipid and Cholesterol monolayer with embedded apolipoprotein B, E and C
  4. Transport Triglycerides from the liver to Muscle and fat cells
    1. As Triglycerides and Apo C are off-loaded, VLDL becomes intermediate density Lipoprotein (IDL), and then LDL Cholesterol

III. Components

IV. Interpretation: Normal

  1. Normal: 10-31 mg/dl
  2. Calculation
    1. VLDL Cholesterol = (Triglycerides / 5)

V. Causes: Increased

  1. Idiopathic increased hepatic secretion of VLDL
  2. Diabetes Mellitus
  3. Obesity

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