II. Timing

  1. Perform at 8 weeks gestation

III. History: Obstetrics

  1. See Pregnancy Risk Assessment
  2. Establish firm due date early
    1. See Pregnancy Dating

IV. Exam: General

  1. See Pregnancy Dating
  2. See Pregnancy Signs
  3. Complete physical examination with pelvic exam
    1. Breast Exam is optional (but may predict later Lactation Problems for the Mother)
    2. Pap Smear

V. Exam: Specific components that are no longer recommended (but were performed historically)

  1. First trimester Cervical Length
    1. Does not predict Preterm Labor risk
  2. Pelvimetry
    1. Pelvimetry is a poor predictor of who will deliver vaginally
    2. Not routinely performed nor recommended in the U.S.

VI. Labs

VII. Imaging

  1. Obstetric Ultrasound Indications
    1. Unsure Last Menstrual Period
    2. Confirm intrauterine pregnancy
    3. Irregular menstrual periods
    4. Uterine Size-date discrepancy

VIII. Management

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