II. Description

  1. Tremor while moving body part from position A to B

III. Type

  1. Postural Tremor
    1. Tremor when limb maintains position against gravity
  2. Isometric Tremor
    1. Tremor when Muscle contracts against fixed object
    2. Example: Tremor on gripping
  3. Kinetic Tremor
    1. Tremor during any type of limb movement
    2. Frequency: 3-10 Hz
    3. Subtypes (see below)
      1. Simple Tremor
      2. Intention Tremor
      3. Task-specific tremor
  4. Intention Tremor (sub-type of Kinetic Tremor)
    1. See Cerebellar Tremor
  5. Task-specific tremor
    1. Tremor on performing highly skilled activity
    2. Example: Tremor on writing, speaking, playing music

IV. Management

  1. See specific sub-types
  2. Wrist weights
  3. Isoniazid (INH)

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