II. Classification

  1. Brief Headache Syndrome

III. Symptoms

  1. Transient stabbing Headache
  2. Localized to orbit, temple or parietal region
  3. Without associated autonomic symptoms (contrast with Cluster Headaches and other trigeminal autonomic Headaches)

IV. Management

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Ontology: Primary Stabbing Headache (C0751191)

Concepts Finding (T033)
MSH D051270
ICD9 339.85
ICD10 G44.85
SnomedCT 230481005
Czech primární bodavá bolest hlavy, Chladem vyvolaná bolest hlavy
French Céphalée en coup de poignard, Céphalée en coup de piolet
German Primärer stechender Kopfschmerz, Eispickel-Kopfschmerz, Stechender Kopfschmerz
English stabbing headache, headache quality, sharp or stabbing, sharp headache, sharp or stabbing headache, stabbing headache (symptom), headache which is sharp or stabbing, Primary Stabbing Headache, sharp/stabbing headache, primary stabbing headache (diagnosis), primary stabbing headache, Prim stabbing headache, headaches ice picks, headaches ice pick, ice-pick headache, ice pick headache, idiopathic stabbing headache, Ice pick headache, Jabs and jolts syndrome, Primary stabbing headache, Ice-pick headache, Idiopathic stabbing headache, Idiopathic stabbing headache (disorder), Headache, Stabbing, Stabbing Headache, Headache, Ice-Pick, Headache, Primary Stabbing, Headaches, Ice-Pick, Ice-Pick Headaches, Ice-Pick Headache, Ice Pick Headache
Spanish Cefalea lancinante, cefalea punzante idiopática (trastorno), cefalea punzante idiopática
Portuguese Cefaleia com pontadas geladas
Italian Cefalea lancinante
Dutch ijspriemhoofdpijn
Japanese アイスピックズツウ, アイスピック頭痛
Hungarian Jégcsákány-fejfájás
Norwegian Nålestikkhodeverk, Lynende hodeverk, Nålestikkhodepine, Lynende hodepine