II. Pathophysiology

  1. Develops over 1-4 weeks following Acute Pancreatitis

III. Symptoms

IV. Signs

  1. Tender upper abdominal mass

V. Radiology

  1. Right upper quadrant Ultrasound
  2. CT Abdomen

VI. Management

  1. Supportive therapy
  2. CT-guided needle aspiration and drainage Indications
    1. No resolution in 6 weeks
  3. Surgical drainage or resection Indications
    1. Expanding pseudocyst
    2. Pancreatic Hemorrhage or rupture
    3. Pancreatic Abscess formation

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Ontology: Pancreatic Pseudocyst (C0030299)

Definition (MSH) Cyst-like space not lined by EPITHELIUM and contained within the PANCREAS. Pancreatic pseudocysts account for most of the cystic collections in the pancreas and are often associated with chronic PANCREATITIS.
Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH D010192
ICD10 K86.3
SnomedCT 266546006, 155836008, 111374002
English Pancreatic Pseudocyst, Pancreatic Pseudocysts, Pseudocyst, Pancreatic, Pseudocysts, Pancreatic, PANCREATIC PSEUDOCYST, pancreatic pseudocyst, pancreatic pseudocyst (diagnosis), Pancreatic Pseudocyst [Disease/Finding], pancreatic pseudocysts, pseudocyst pancreatic, pseudocysts pancreatic, pancreas pseudocyst, pancreas pseudocysts, pseudocyst pancreas, Pseudocyst of pancreas, Pancreatic pseudocyst, Pseudocyst of pancreas (disorder), pancreas; pseudocyst, pseudocyst; pancreas
Italian Pseudocisti pancreatica, Pseudo cisti del pancreas
French Pseudo-kyste du pancréas, Pseudokyste pancréatique, Pseudokyste du pancréas, Pseudo-kyste pancréatique
Japanese 膵仮性嚢胞, スイカセイノウホウ
Swedish Pankreatisk pseudocysta
Finnish Haiman pseudokysta
German Pseudozyste des Pankreas, Pankreaspseudozyste
Czech Pseudocysta pankreatu, pankreas - pseudocysta, pankreatická pseudocysta, pankreatický cystoid
Korean 췌장(이자)의 거짓낭종
Polish Torbiel rzekoma trzustki
Hungarian Pancreas pseudocysta
Norwegian Pseudocyste i bukspyttkjertelen, Pseudocyste i pancreas, Pseudocyste i pankreas
Spanish Pseudoquiste Pancreático, pseudoquiste del páncreas, seudoquiste pancreático (trastorno), seudoquiste pancreático, Pseudoquiste pancreático, Seudoquiste Pancreático
Dutch pancreas; pseudocyste, pseudocyste; pancreas, Pseudocyste van pancreas, pancreaspseudocyste, Cyste, pancreatische pseudo-, Pancreatische pseudocyste, Pseudocyste, pancreatische
Portuguese Pseudoquisto pancreático, Pseudocisto Pancreático