II. Pathophysiology

  1. Accumulation of serosanguineous subcutaneous fluid

III. Signs

  1. Poorly defined margins of fluid
  2. Fluid extends across midline and Suture lines

IV. Associated conditions

  1. Head Molding

V. Course

  1. Soft tissue edema resolves over first few days of life

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Ontology: Caput succedaneum (C0270090)

Definition (NCI) A diffuse swelling of the scalp in a newborn, usually caused by the trauma of the scalp pushing through a narrowed cervix during birth. The swelling may extend across the midline of the scalp and may exhibit discoloration or bruising.
Concepts Acquired Abnormality (T020)
ICD10 P12.81
SnomedCT 82729001
Italian Tumore di parto
Japanese 産瘤, サンリュウ
English caput succedaneum, caput succedaneum (diagnosis), scalp caput succedaneum, caput succedaneum (physical finding), Caput Succedaneum, Caput succedaneum, Swelling edema of scalp during labor, Swelling oedema of scalp during labour, Caput succedaneum (disorder), caput; succedaneum, succedaneum; caput
Czech Caput succedaneum
Spanish tumor serosanguíneo del cuero cabelludo, tumor del parto (trastorno), tumor serosanguíneo del cuero cabelludo durante el parto (trastorno), tumor del parto, tumor serosanguíneo del cuero cabelludo durante el parto, caput succedaneum, edema del cuero cabelludo durante el trabajo de parto, Tumor del parto
Hungarian Fejdaganat
Dutch caput; succedaneum, succedaneum; caput, caput succedaneum
Portuguese Cabeça sucedânea
French Bosse séro-sanguine
German Geburtsgeschwulst