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Ontology: Birth Injuries (C0005604)

Definition (NCI) An injury sustained to a neonate during the birthing process.
Definition (MSH) Mechanical or anoxic trauma incurred by the infant during labor or delivery.
Definition (PSY) Physical injuries (such as brain damage) received during birth, mostly in, but not limited to, breech births, instrument deliveries, neonatal anoxia, or premature births. Used for both human and animal populations.
Definition (CSP) mechanical or anoxic trauma incurred by or to the infant during labor or delivery.
Concepts Injury or Poisoning (T037)
MSH D001720
ICD9 767.9, 767
ICD10 P10-P15.9 , P15.9, P10-P15
SnomedCT 56110009, 157089006, 206256001, 157097004, 206623006
LNC MTHU015016
English Birth Injury, Injuries, Birth, Unspecified birth trauma, BIRTH TRAUMA, Injury, Birth, birth injury, Birth injury, unspecified, BIRTH INJ, INJ BIRTH, birth trauma, birth trauma (diagnosis), Birth trauma of fetus, Trauma birth, Traumatic birth, Birth trauma NOS, Birth Injuries [Disease/Finding], birthing injuries, injury birth, traumatic birth, birth injuries, birthing trauma, trauma birth, Birth trauma (P10-P15), Birth Injuries, Birth trauma, unspecified, Neonatal Birth Trauma, Birth injury NOS (disorder), Birth trauma (disorder), Birth injuries, Birth Trauma of Fetus, Birth trauma, Birth injury, Birth trauma of fetus (disorder), birth; injury, injury; birth, Birth injury, NOS, Birth trauma, NOS, Injuries (Birth), Birth injury NOS
French TRAUMATISME OBSTETRICAL, Naissance traumatique, Angoisse de la naissance, Traumatisme à la naissance non précisé, Lésions traumatiques obstétricales de l'enfant, Traumatismes néonatals, Lésions traumatiques néonatales, Traumatismes obstétricaux des nouveau-nés, Traumatisme obstétrical du nouveau-né, Traumatisme obstétrical, Traumatismes obstétricaux du nouveau-né
Spanish traumatismo obstétrico en el feto, Parto traumático no especificado, Nacimiento traumático, PARTO TRAUMATICO, lesión obstétrica, SAI (trastorno), Birth injury NOS, lesión obstétrica, SAI, Lesiones del Nacimiento, daño obstétrico, traumatismo obstétrico en el feto (trastorno), traumatismo obstétrico, Trauma durante el parto, Traumatismos del Nacimiento
Italian Traumi da parto, Trauma da parto, Nascita traumatica, Trauma da parto non specificato, Lesioni da parto
Dutch niet-gespecificeerd geboortetrauma, traumatische geboorte, geboorte; letsel, letsel; geboorte, Letsel door geboortetrauma, niet gespecificeerd, geboortetrauma, Geboortetrauma, Geboortetraumata, Trauma, geboorte-, Traumata, geboorte-
German unspezifisches Geburtstrauma, Trauma Geburt, traumatische Geburt, GEBURTSTRAUMA, Geburtsverletzung, nicht naeher bezeichnet, Geburtstrauma, Geburtsverletzungen
Portuguese Nascimento traumático, Traumatismo de parto, Traumatismo de parto NE, PARTO TRAUMATICO, Lesões do Nascimento, Traumatismo do parto, Traumatismos do Nascimento
Swedish Förlossningsskador
Japanese ブンベンジガイショウ, 詳細不明の分娩時外傷, ショウサイフメイノブンベンジガイショウ, 出生時損傷, 出産時障害, 出生時外傷, 出産損傷, 分娩損傷, 分娩時損傷, 分娩時障害, 分娩時傷害, 分娩時外傷
Czech porodní poranění, Traumatický porod, Porodní trauma, Blíže neurčené porodní trauma
Finnish Synnytysvammat
Korean 상세불명의 출산 손상
Polish Urazy porodowe
Hungarian Szülési trauma, Traumás születés, Nem meghatározott születési trauma
Norwegian Fødselsskader