II. Indications

  1. Decreased Visual Acuity in children
  2. Differentiates Refractive Error from other defects
    1. Example: Amblyopia

III. Background

  1. Pinhole restricts light to the center of the Cornea
  2. Corneal center passes light through pupil to Retina WITHOUT Refraction

IV. Technique

  1. Check Vision initially with eye charts per age
    1. See Pediatric Vision Screening for appropriate tests
  2. Perform Pinhole Test if Vision <20/20
    1. Test each eye individually
    2. Child repeats eye chart while looking through pinhole

V. Interpretation

  1. Pinhole significantly improves Vision
    1. Suggests Refractive Error
  2. Pinhole does not improve Vision
    1. Suggests Amblyopia or other non-refractive cause

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