II. Definition

  1. Paraneoplastic rash comprised of concentric red bands

III. Associated conditions

  1. Associated with cancer in 80% of cases
    1. Most commonly associated with Lung Cancer
  2. Other associated conditions
    1. Tuberculosis
    2. Bullous Pemphigoid

IV. Symptoms

  1. Pruritic rash comprised of bands in concentric circles
  2. Bands move as much as 1 cm daily

V. Signs

  1. Characteristics
    1. Concentric waves of erythema (wood grain appearance)
    2. Erythema may be be flat (Macular) or slightly raised
    3. Fine white scale may be present
  2. Distribution
    1. Trunk
    2. Proximal arms and legs
    3. Spares face, hands and feet

VI. Differential Diagnosis

VII. Course

  1. Onset often precedes cancer diagnosis by 9 months
  2. Resolves within 1 week of cancer treatment

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