II. Pathophysiology

  1. Follows Tinea Pedis infection

III. Signs

  1. Painful, tense bullae on palms and soles

IV. Management

V. Course

  1. Occurs at height of dermatophyte infection

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Ontology: Id reaction (C0263236)

Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
ICD10 L30.2
SnomedCT 201034007, 3014005
Dutch dermatitis autosensibilisatie, autosensibilisatie; cutaan, Cutane autosensibilisatie
French Dermite d'autosensibilisation, Dermatite d'autosensibilisation
German Dermatitis, Autosensibilisierung, Autosensibilisierung der Haut [Id-Reaktion]
Italian Dermatite da autosensibilizzazione
Portuguese Dermatite por auto-sensibilização
Spanish Dermatitis por autosensibilización, reacción alérgica, autoeccematización, autoeczematización, dermatitis por autosensibilización, dermatitis por sensibilización (trastorno), dermatitis por sensibilización, reacción alérgica (trastorno)
Japanese 自家感作性皮膚炎, ジカカンサセイヒフエン
Czech Endogenní dermatitida
English Dermatitis autosensitization, id reaction, autoeczematization, cutaneous autosensitization (diagnosis), Dermatitis autosensitisation, Cutaneous autosensitisation (disorder), Autoeczematisation, Autoeczematization, Autosensitization dermatitis, Id reaction, Sensitization dermatitis, Cutaneous autosensitization, Cutaneous autosensitisation, Id reaction (disorder), Sensitisation dermatitis, Autosensitisation dermatitis, autosensitization; cutaneous, Autosensitization dermatitis, NOS
Korean 피부 자가감작
Hungarian Dermatitis autosensitisatio, Dermatitis, autosensitisatiós

Ontology: Allergy-sensitivity to fungi syndrome (C0343041)

Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
ICD10 L30.2
SnomedCT 30668009
English dermatophytid, Dermaphytid, Dermatophytid, Allergy-sensitivity to fungi syndrome, Epidermophytid, Dermatophytide, Ide eruption due to tinea, Mycide, Allergy-sensitivity to fungi syndrome (disorder)
Spanish dermafítide, dermatofítide, epidermofítide, sensibilidad alérgica a síndrome micótico (trastorno), sensibilidad alérgica a síndrome micótico, sensibilidad alérgica al síndrome de los hongos (trastorno), sensibilidad alérgica al síndrome de los hongos