II. Types of involvement

  1. Renal Tuberculosis
    1. See below for presentation
  2. Male genital tract (from Prostate to Testes)
    1. Presents as Scrotal Mass and Oligospermia
  3. Female genital tract (from fallopian tube to vagina)
    1. Pelvic Pain, pain, bleeding per vagina

III. Symptoms: Renal involvement

IV. Labs: Renal involvement

  1. Urinalysis
    1. Urine Leukocytes increased
  2. Urine Culture
    1. Mycobacterial culture of three morning voids

V. Radiology: Renal involvement

  1. CT Abdomen
    1. Renal calcifications or scarring
  2. Intravenous pyelogram
    1. Papillary necrosis
    2. Hydronephrosis

VI. Management

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